People who switch to e-cigs often focus entirely on the health benefits. This is definitely understandable, since e-cigs definitely offer many advantages over regular cigarettes and could potentially add years to your life. But if you stop to think about it, e-cigs can really help you with your personal, social, and dating life as well. Consider the following facts:

vaping and dating

1. E-cigarettes don't yellow your teeth.
Yellow teeth have long been a bane of smokers, and when you switch to e-cigarettes, your teeth should whiten or stay white longer (if you use whitening products).

2. E-cigarettes won't give you bad breath.
Another thing that plagues regular smokers is bad breath. Many people will even be reluctant to kiss smokers because of this reason. Vaping does not give you bad breath, however, so this is yet another problematic issue you'll be able to avoid.

3. You will no longer be a "smoker."
Some people may conflate vaping with smokers, but many people are aware there is a bit difference. You will be able to honestly answer that you do not smoke, and quite a few people will flat-out refuse to date smokers. By not being a smoker, you will have a greater number of people who may be interested in you.

As you can see, switching to vaping therefore has benefits that extend beyond physical health, especially if you are single. Of course, dating isn't always easy in this age. If you've struggled to find your significant other, I would like to suggest using a dating site such as Match.com. The best way to join this site is by using a Match.com free trial from this source. Unfortunately, such free trials do not last very long (the Match.com free trial only lasts 3 days) but it's still a good way to get your feet wet. If nothing else, it will give you a general feel for what it's like to date on the Internet.