E-Cigs 101

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But let's start at the beginning. What exactly is an e-cigarette? An e-cigarette is an electronic device that first became available around 2003. It consists of a battery, atomizer, and a tank or cartridge that houses the e-liquid. When the device is activated, it turns the e-liquid into vapor, which the user can inhale. In terms of function, therefore, e-cigarettes are very similar to regular cigarettes (hence the name). It's important to note that most e-liquids used by e-cigarettes contain nicotine in varying concentrations.

E-cigarettes made their way to the U.S. around 2007 and 2008, and since then, they have become highly popular. The demographic that benefited the most from e-cigarettes are ex-smokers and people who are trying to quit. You may wonder, why use e-cigarettes instead of regular cigarettes? After all, don't they both deliver nicotine.

The answer is that, while e-cigarettes do deliver nicotine, they are largely considered to be much safer than regular cigarettes. This is because you forgo many of the most harmful ingredients in cigarettes, including tar and other carcinogens. Some studies have found the e-cigarettes also transmit carcinogens, but all such studies have also indicated that the amount of carcinogens delivered is but a fraction of what you'd get if you were a regular smoker. Thus far, there has been no convincing evidence that e-cigarettes are worse than regular cigarettes. On the other hand, plenty of findings have shown that e-cigarettes are better for your health. So the bulk of the information out there does end up supporting the fact that it would be a good idea to transition away from regular cigarettes and start using electronic cigarettes instead.

e-liquidsSo if e-cigarettes are so great, how come more people haven't quit smoking. I believe that eventually, they will. But as it stands, there is one things that stands in the way of wider scale adoption of e-cigarettes, and that is the fact that they are very complicated. A new user who starts to do some research on e-cigarettes can quickly become overwhelmed seeing all the people talking about ohms, wattage, variable voltage, coils, tanks, and other subjects that will be very confusing at first. Add to that the fact that many hardcore e-cig users are very passionate and even create their own e-cigarette builds. If you stumble upon a forum populated by such members, it can be rather intimidating.

But starting with e-cigarettes need not be frustrating. Beginners can quickly get started by ordering simple startup kits from many companies online. Or, if you are the type that craves instant gratification, you could buy e-cigarettes at convenience stores as well. But a much better option would be to visit dedicated vape stores. There are plenty such stores opening up nationwide, and chances are high that if you do a search online, you'll find a store not that far away from where you live. As I mentioned, a starter kit is probably what you should buy as a new user. This is because such kits contain all the components required to get started. Buying the components separately, on the other hand, could lead to problems if you are a new user. For example, when I was first getting started with e-cigarettes, I would make dumb mistakes like buying a charger that was incompatible with the battery I used. Moreover, each e-cig battery has a particular threading, and you might end up buying cartridges or tanks that are incompatible with your battery. If I haven't still convinced you about the wisdom of buying a starter kit, I hope you at least devote some time doing research before making a purchase. If you visit a local vape store, however, you need not worry since the people at the store would be more than happy to help you out.

One of the most important decisions you may face as a new vaper is which e-cigarette kit to buy. There are so many brands and options out there that making a choice can be rather difficult. If you have a friend who vapes, you could ask them for advice. Another thing you can do is read reviews online. Just make sure you visit a site that has unbiased reviews and no ulterior motives.

Another thing you can do is read the reviews at actual vape stores online. Some of them allow users to leave comments or feedback on the items they buy. This is a great way to get a general sense for which products are favored by the vaping community as a whole.

As you can see, there is a lot of information involved with vaping. My advice is to start slow, with a simple setup, and then do research at your leisure to learn more. One thing I found particularly helpful when I was starting out was watching tutorial videos, such as the ones you'll find on our site. For videos beyond the ones we offer on our site, you'll want to go to Youtube. Incidentally, Youtube also has many reviews of e-cigarette products, so it's a good idea to watch those as well.

Welcome to the world of vaping. I hope this quick guide gives you some information you can use to get started on the right track.


While e-cigarettes for the most part, are very safe, it's still smart to exercise caution. Each year, there are stories of people who have e-cigarettes explode on them. In addition, there are occasional stories about e-liquids being ingested, causing illnesses and even death in some people. These things make it clear that if you use e-cigarettes, you need to have some awareness of safety issues.

1. Exploding E-cigs
I've done a bit of research on this, and it seems that e-cigarette explosions are largely due to user mistakes. This can include things like using the wrong charger, and creating dangerous setups with mods. If you use a mod, be sure you study all the principles on how to use them safely. And if you don't use a mod, only charge your e-cigarette with the correct charger. Just because an e-cigarette fits into a charger, that does not necessarily mean it is the right charger for that e-cigarette. Finally, make sure that you stick to well-known brands of e-cigarettes. Some safe brands to consider include Halo Cigs, Vista Vapors, White Cloud E-cig, and Volcano E-cig. While such e-cigarettes on the whole are more expensive than cheap, unbranded counterparts, the extra money is insignificant when you consider the peace of mind that it buys. And if price is really a concern, you can get e-cigarette coupons for such brands if you buy them online. For example, I use these coupon codes for White Cloud Ecigarettes whenever I buy new accessories.

Another brand I frequently recommend is Halo, but they tend to be a bit pricey. They do have some rather nice products, however, so they are worth checking out if you don't mind paying extra for a high quality vaporizer. Make sure you use these Halo coupons if you decide to shop at this online e-cig store.

2. E-liquids
Keep all e-liquids out of reach if you have children. Also, if you get any on your skin, wash it away, as they can enter your body through your skin. The important thing to remember is that E-liquids are poisonous, so you must treat them as you would any other poisonous substance.

The most vital thing to remember is that E-liquids should never be ingested. A drop or two might not kill you, but any significant amount is bound to make you very ill and could even have fatal consequences.

If you mix you own e-liquids, handle the nicotine liquid with extra care. Most people recommend using rubber gloves when you handle the nicotine liquid. You can buy them cheaply at a dollar store, so there's no reason not to follow this advice.

For additional tips on e-cig safety, I recommend watching the video about battery safety when using mods:


People who switch to e-cigs often focus entirely on the health benefits. This is definitely understandable, since e-cigs definitely offer many advantages over regular cigarettes and could potentially add years to your life. But if you stop to think about it, e-cigs can really help you with your personal, social, and dating life as well. Consider the following facts:

vaping and dating

1. E-cigarettes don't yellow your teeth.
Yellow teeth have long been a bane of smokers, and when you switch to e-cigarettes, your teeth should whiten or stay white longer (if you use whitening products).

2. E-cigarettes won't give you bad breath.
Another thing that plagues regular smokers is bad breath. Many people will even be reluctant to kiss smokers because of this reason. Vaping does not give you bad breath, however, so this is yet another problematic issue you'll be able to avoid.

3. You will no longer be a "smoker."
Some people may conflate vaping with smokers, but many people are aware there is a bit difference. You will be able to honestly answer that you do not smoke, and quite a few people will flat-out refuse to date smokers. By not being a smoker, you will have a greater number of people who may be interested in you.

As you can see, switching to vaping therefore has benefits that extend beyond physical health, especially if you are single. Of course, dating isn't always easy in this age. If you've struggled to find your significant other, I would like to suggest using a dating site such as Match.com. The best way to join this site is by using a Match.com free trial from this source. Unfortunately, such free trials do not last very long (the Match.com free trial only lasts 3 days) but it's still a good way to get your feet wet. If nothing else, it will give you a general feel for what it's like to date on the Internet.