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The best electronic cigarette brands of 2014 UK

Drum roll please… here are the top 4 e-cigarette brands of ’14 UK:

Green Smoke: 5/5 (Click here to view website)

Rank: #1
Battery Life: 5*
Taste: 5*
Visual Appeal: 5*
Price: 5*

Review: This is my 1st place e-cig- my personal favorite! I have been smoking greensmoke myself for about 6 months now and probably wouldn’t change. I put the e-cig on charge for 2/3 hours and it is fully charged lasting for quite some time. I have tried a variety of flavours: Absolute Tobacco, Menthol Ice, Mocha Mist and Mountain Clove. Although there probably isn’t as much of a variety in flavours with this brand, the tastes they do have are very fulfilling with every puff! They offer cartridges in different nicotine levels so you have the option of strengths. If you are recently quitting smoking I would definitely recommend this brand for its satisfying taste. The e-cig looks pretty much the same as a tobacco cigarette only longer, thicker and slightly heavier. It is one of the more expensive brands on the market but is by far worth the money.

V2 Cigs: 4.25/5 (Click here to view website)

Rank: #2
Battery Life: 4*
Taste: 4*
Visual Appeal: 5*
Price: 4*

Review: This is my 2nd place e-cigarette and definitely a must try. I would say V2 cigs are a very well presented brand with alot of visual appeal. Unlike most e-cigs V2 cigs come in a variety of funky flavours and lengths. It doesn’t look like a typical tobacco cigarette and is therefore quite clearly and electronic substitute, which for me is something quite unique as most e-cigs intend to look like the real thing. They offer a variety of flavours (I’ve tried menthol, peppermint, coffee and cola) all may I say have a moreish taste, however are not as satisfying as other brands. The pricing is reasonable for the starter kit and refills.

Eversmoke: 4/5 (Click here to view website)

Rank: #3
Battery Life: 4*
Taste: 4*
Visual Appeal: 4*
Price: 4*

Review: This is my 3rd place electronic cig. It’s strongest aspect would be its battery life lasting as well as some of highest quality e-cigs. I would say although they offer a range of flavors and produce a good quantity of vapour, not all of them taste so great. This product is visually similar to most other e-cig brands on the market and its pricing is fair.

Southbeachsmoke: 3.5/5 (Click here to view website)

Rank: #4
Battery Life: 3*
Taste: 4*
Visual Appeal: 4*
Price: 3*

Review: This is my 4th place electronic cigarette. It is a very popular brand with consumers and is very similar to Eversmoke. The battery life isn’t the best out of all the e-cigs I’ve tried, however it is better than most. The brand offers a range of unique flavors including tobacco classic, gold, lemon-lime, pina-colada and my favorite watermelon. I would definitely say this brand is big on its tastes, if you are someone who likes experimenting with flavors southbeachsmoke is for you. Its pricing is lightly high but it’s a product worth trying.


by Lily Prichard

Vaping vs smoking

I’ve had a little browse online and seen some huge stories associated with e-cigarettes… Are they really better for you than real cigarettes? Being super health conscious and even more so since discovering e-cigs, I’m going to uncover some top myths about e-cigs and prove how much better they are for your health. Lets begin the battle of vaping vs smoking!

Round One
E-cigarettes contain nicotine and will therefore give you cancer.

Yes, electronic cigarettes do contain nicotine but no this definitely does not promote cancer. It is not the nicotine in a tobacco cigarette that causes cancer it is the harmful and poisonous chemicals (tar, carbon monoxide, benzene, arsenic, acrolein, chromium, cadmium and many more). Electronic cigarettes do not contain any of these harmful chemicals and therefore is not a cancer causing product.

Winner- Electronic Cigarettes!!!

Round Two
Tobacco cigarettes are less addictive than e-cigs.

Both tobacco and electronic cigarettes contain nicotine (the addictive chemical). However tobacco cigarettes are pumped with tons of other dangerous chemicals, unlike e-cigs. You are unable to choose the levels of nicotine you inhale with tobacco cigarettes, but with e-cigs you have the option to try flavours with different nicotine levels. Usually over a period of time people opt for a lower levelled nicotine liquid as their cravings begin to decrease. Both products can be addictive but vaping is not a harmful addiction.

Winner- Electronic Cigarettes!!!

Round Three
E-cigarettes are dangerous and explosive.

This is not true. Just because they are electronic does not mean they are explosive. E-cigarettes do not ‘smoke’ like tobacco cigarettes, there is no flame involved just electric. As long as they are used and charged correctly there is no reason they would explode.

Winner- Electronic Cigarettes!!!

Round Four
Second hand vapour is harmful to others.

Electronic cigarettes do not contain harmful toxins like tobacco cigarettes and contain very little nicotine. Unlike smoking, vaping proves minimal danger to the user and therefore proves to be no danger at all to others.

Winner- Electronic Cigarettes!!!

Round Five
If electronic cigs did not exist, people would quit smoking all together on their own or by using other methods.

The best thing about e-cigs is that you can use them to cut down smoking, or quit all together. For me, and many others, other methods did not work. Electronic cigarette have the highest success rate compared to patches and gum. If e-cigs did not exist, then a real cigarette would be the next best thing. Without e-cigs I would definitely be back on tobacco cigarettes.

Winner- Electronic Cigarettes!!!

So there it is 5-0 to Electronic Cigarettes. Start vaping for a healthier you!

by Lily Prichard

Menthol, mango, mocha…

I didn’t choose e-cigs to quit smoking, they chose me! You can’t choose what is going to work for you when it comes to quitting smoking. It either works or it doesn’t. After all the options I tried (and honestly I tried many things!) I really do feel e-cigarettes were my match and I’m sure I’m not the only one who feels this way! Now being united with my perfect partner there is one thing I can choose-the flavour I smoke. To be fair, continually smoking the original wouldn’t bore me, but being given the choice of flavour I vape is great! The choices are endless and I’m still yet to find one I dislike. There’s so much variety I didn’t know where to begin. To me it’s more exciting than actually smoking. Tastes better, smells better and makes you feel better! I first got my e-cig with original and menthol flavours, now I’ve lost count of how many flavours I’ve tried (strawberry, apple, mango, lemon, butterscotch, caramel, mocha to name a few). The best thing is when I’m on my healthy eating routines I find myself opting for a sweet flavoured e-cig rather than a chocolate bar! It’s great- staying in shape without given up the taste of the sweet things I love! Living in the UK I don’t have the luxury of smoking flavoured cigarettes like you would find abroad (one of my favourites were mango cigarettes) that’s one thing I did miss about going on holidays until I found electric cigarettes. The only thing I don’t like is I can barely find the refills I need in any local shops, I always have to order them online. Although this isn’t a big issue as I just order more to last me rather than one at a time. I love trying new flavours with my friends, we always give each other opinions on the best ones and are always on the look out for ones we haven’t yet tried. If you’ve got an e-cig but haven’t tried a variety of flavours you really are missing out. There is no way I would ever go back to the real thing after the variety of tastes I now have access to!! It’s like smoking but better. I think even if I wasn’t looking to quit smoking I would have still liked to have a handy e-cig because they taste so good!

by Lily Prichard

E-cigarettes for world domination!

Welcome to my blog – reviewing electronic cigarettes!

I decided to make this blog as I was a smoking addict not too long ago. I constantly told myself I should quit smoking but never actually did. I work at a gym as a class instructor, so as you can imagine smoking did get in the way of my day to day life and living routines. No matter what I tried I could never curb my addiction to these expensive tobacco sticks.  After every class I would be outside puffing, at home I would do the same, out with friends I would even more so. There was no sign of stopping. I found myself puffing more and more. Everytime my friends would go abroad, I knew my present back would be a carton of duty free cigarettes. I knew deep down I shouldn’t smoke, but after doing it for so long it became more of a habit more than anything. I decided to go to the doctors and see what advice they had to help me quit. After trying nicotine patches, gum and tablets I was beginning to give up hope thinking I’m gonna end up like my nan smoking at the age of 85 with no intentions of ever stopping. I constantly had my boyfriend giving me grief about stopping as did my family. I knew I had to quit. I started cutting down- not by much but it made me feel better that I did. I then had a browse online to see what else I could try? I come across e-cigarettes!!!! And my golly am I glad I did! Let me get things straight, I wasn’t a fan at first, in fact I tried one and ended up binning it after a day, but now I could not live without my e-cig! I went through maybe 7 or 8 e-cigarettes before finding the most effective one, but believe me it was worth the wait. Admittedly I did buy some cheaper ones (which weren’t even worth the money) but after venturing out to some more ‘expensive’ ones I really am happy with my e-cig. Originally I used my e-cig while I was cutting down gradually but after about 2 weeks I did not smoke at all. I have now been happily vaping for over a year now! I’m so much more healthy, my job is so much more easier as I’m no longer out of breath, and my boyfriend is finally off my back! I have recommended these e-cigs to some of my friends and people who attend my classes and they have all stopped smoking also! I am determined to turn nearly every smoker in the uk into a vaper! I have not had any cravings for a real cigarette since turning electric and feel so much better knowing I’m smoke free. For everyone out there wondering what e-cigs are all about check out my blog and read the reviews. If I could do it I’m more than certain you guys can also!

by Lily Prichard